About BRealFit Holistic Nutrition

Our ancestors put such a high value on recipes and nutritional secrets that were often not shared. Today, so many of us have lost touch with these secrets, traditions, and nutritional wisdom that was really born from a true survival of the fittest, healthiest, and strongest gene pool mentality. What if I could tell you that you could reach optimum health without spending hours in the gym; by simply eating differently and having an normally active life? The sad fact is that that's the truth. It's a truth that no one really wants you to know. The Real Nutrition Cookbook pulls from my favourite go-to recipes that I've collected to help you create a new normal in the way you eat. A normal that is realistic for you, sustainable, and helps you achieve your goals for balance, longevity, and health. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a stay at home mom/dad, or both; the principles are the same and the results are achievable. Dive in, eat slowly, and enjoy the journey towards making whole, flavourful, and divine recipes your new normal.

About BRealFit Holistic Cosmetics

My goal is to provide like minded beautiful souls with clean makeup and skin care products that they will not only love, but take comfort in knowing that I hold myself and my team to the highest standard when creating. My organic cosmetics not only use the highest quality essential oils, and butters, but I make sure that my source companies are ethical and like-minded as well. All of my products are eco friendly and unlike many other skin care products, won't harm the earth when they go down your drain. At BRealFit we aim to leave our customers and this world better then we found them.