Well hello there, and welcome to my site! I know you might be wondering..what are this? Well friends, take a seat, grab a coffee, and relax while I explain who the girl behind BRealFit really is. 


In the beginning there was OttawaU. Picture this - a young Brianna off to Canada’s capital, unsure of what life means to her, what she’s going to make of this world, or how to properly separate laundry. Alas, fast forward four years, a some great friends and some unfortunate decisions, and presto - a shiny new BA from the University of Ottawa (and still no laundry separation capability). One english degree later and still all I knew was I liked a good Shakespeare play and you didn’t want to meet me on a day I missed my workout.

Are you still with me? Yeah? Well than enough of that boring stuff, on with the show. As if you havn't read enough about me, here's couple more fun facts about who I am and what I stand for. 


So who am I? HA that, my fit friends, is a very complicated question.  I’m not a hipster (I know, I know, hipsters always deny they’re hipsters, right? *insert eye roll*) but I have dreads, and I like alternative music. and cats. and on occasion, dressing like a homeless person. I like me some comic books, and video games, but don’t get me wrong I’m also all about that reality TV (who can live without The Bachelor though?). I have a hairless cat named Lola who owns my soul, my dad and I share a secret language that really pisses my mom and brother off, and Ryan Atwood was my first boyfriend.  Okay time for the trivia round: the 80s are my favourite era, Dwayne “the rock” johnson is my soul mate, Oprah, Leonardo Decaprio, and Whoopi Goldberg are my holy trinity, self discovery is my middle name, I’m a believer but not a preacher, oh, and my Italian heritage is pretty cool too.
While I have yet to be categorized due to my love of all categories - my passion is health and fitness, and helping others be the best, healthiest, and happiest version of themselves.
Aaand Done.




Step ONE: Balance. Creating balance in our lives among our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual plains is a daily struggle. Anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying to you. But being aware of our priorities, organizing and re-organing our lives, regaining control, and creating the life that we want to live is what health and fitness at their core are all about.


Step TWO: Healing from the inside out is about cleaning our bodies of processed food that confuses our digestive system so we can effectively process, build, and repair our bodies and our lives.


Step THREE: Adding fitness and activity to mold and sculpt our bodies so that we can effectively, efficiently, and healthfully create the body we want WHILE learning the tools to create and maintain the new and improved you. We want to focus not on taking away things away from our lives and daily routines but replacing our old habits, transforming our outlook and adding positivity, mobility, peace, and flexibility to both our inner and outer world.

Understanding motivation, developing realistic healthy habits, achieving the results we want, and not just surviving, but THRIVING is what BRealFit is about! Well, that and being as badass as Daryl Dixon on a daily basis. Obviously. Alrighty, that’s it for me folks! I hope you choose to share your health and fitness journey with me just as I share mine with you! Take and look around and don’t be shy! Later days my fit friends..

And so, naturally, next came my Personal Training certification from CanFitPro. With University out of the way and a PT certification in my pocket, I was back to being able to read without a highlighter/post-it pad by my side, and was getting paid to workout with a bunch of cool cats teaching a bootcamp twice a week, but still there was something missing. Well, countless Om’s later, and some deep soul searching, and boom - I was ready to Shanti Shanti with the best of em as a full fledged Yoga Teacher.

An english major, a personal trainer, and a yogi; now all I needed was my Nutritionist Certification to complete this circle of health and wellness that I yearned to practice and share with my little world. A year of biochemistry, chakra’s, anatomy, and everything in between, and I walked away from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition knowing three things - “save digestion. save the world.”, plastic is the root of all evil, and when in doubt - avocado’s.  And here we are. Four Degrees/Certifications later, a few more tattoos, a head of dreadlocks, and Lola, my hairless cat, perched on my shoulder like the sassiest parrot she’s been since birth. Some things will never change.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, I stress the importance of biochemical individuality (meaning everyone is different and responds to both food and fitness differently). While we all may vary our levels of protein intake, our reaction to carb digestion, and our required fat intake, there are a few key steps to living a healthy life from the inside out that enables us to discover our unique journey to healthy.

The Gal Behind BRealFit