For those looking for a place to reset, for those looking for a place to learn, for those looking for a place to connect - This retreat is for you. 


For yogis/yogini’s and those who don’t know what that means - we’d love to see you all. 


Brianna and Rachael are both certified in Hatha Yoga - a tool that was created hundreds of years ago to assist the common man to achieve enlightenment. Hatha yoga uses various asanas, or poses, tied in with breath and awareness to, over the years, create a more balanced body, and a more calm mind. 


It is balancing the two channels of your body - Ha, the sun force, and Tha, the moon force. It is a preparatory measure to allow you to meditate comfortably. It is acknowledging that the journey to this goal is just as beautiful and empowering as the goal itself. It is learning to be content with where you are in not only your practice, but in your life and your relationships.


In this retreat we will learn about and experience a Native American healing journey. We will find connection in the knowledge and wisdom of ancient East Indian practices and ancient Native American practices. Both which still hold much value in today’s world. 


Above all else, with this retreat we hope to create a space where everyone feels welcome, where everyone can enjoy nature, some alone time and connect.


All Meals and Snacks

Accommodations (double or single room requests)

Meditation Journals 

Daily Yoga

A suggested Packing List 

Nightly Bonfires and Meditations

What To Expect:

Daily Outdoor Yoga Classes

Free Time for Reflection/Swim/Reading

Organic Juices and Green Powered Detoxifying Meals Prepared Fresh Daily

Journals for Reflection and Contemplation