Gluten Debunked

What’s the first thing you feel when you hear the words “Gluten Free”?

Anyone who is gluten free, weather it be due to a disease like celiac, intolerance, a slight sensitivity, or simply avoiding it for nutritional reasons, has been subject to the judgment of gluten lovers who assume that GF’ers are simply looking to lose weight or are jumping on a bandwagon. It’s also often assumed gluten is simply another word for bread or wheat flour; and sometimes even assumed that gluten is a general term for a starchy complex carb.

While gluten is in fact in wheat flours like most breads and pastas available in restaurants and grocery stores, gluten is actually a protein that many starchy complex carbs contain such as wheat flour, barley, spelt, couscous, rye etc, and hidden in products like soy sauce, low quality vitamins, makeup, and soaps.

While there are many people who try out the gluten-free lifestyle without being educated or informed about the products to avoid and the factors against gluten beyond potential weight gain, there are also a lot of us out there who avoid it because of it’s long term effects on our health.

Here’s the quick down low on why I avoid gluten.

1. Phytic acid keeps you from absorbing nutrients

2. Lectins damage your gut and cause inflammation - if you're sensitive to them

3. American-grown grains are often moldy and likely to be contaminated with pesticides

4. Grains spike your insulin levels and cause fat gain

For the full breakdown and explanation of each of these factors, head to the original article HERE

For a guide on:

  • What contains gluten

  • Which products contain hidden gluten

  • Which grains are gluten free

  • And which symptoms are associated with gluten intolerance

Head over HERE

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