Amazing Wellness Retreats On A Budget

Millennials want Wellness Retreats and that’s just want they’ll get. The interwebs is exploding with new wellness retreats filling up all over the world, and Millennials are the ones filing the seats.

Jam packed with activates like yoga, daily hikes, clean eating, and workout classes, retreats are stepping their game up and Millennials are loving it. Say goodbye to a week of detox after a vacation, Millennials are vacationing for their detox.

Websites like “TravelToWellness.Com” are multiplying with their home page description stating

“A Wellness Vacation is planned with intention to promote, maintain or kick-start a wellness lifestyle and increase one's sense of well-being.”

That’s not all, not only are wellness retreats one of the top searched vacation destinations, but Millennials AND Gen X are making it affordable. Clients aged 49 and younger are insisting that rather then lavish luxury, they prefer authentic eco/adventure resorts

“Survey respondents indicate that every wellness element at properties, from healthy food to fitness classes to spiritual healing, ranked as more important for younger travelers (49 and under, Millennials and Gen X), than for Baby Boomers (50 and older), the generation that jumpstarted the wellness revolution.”

Check out this amazing article that highlights 11 Yoga and Wellness Retreats that are actually affordable

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