Took time today to look at the bigger picture. Said screw you to my to do list and spent time with my grama and my great aunt. Because my to do list is ever growing and constant. But the wisdom that these crazy old ladies embed on me is found in the little moments that come from spontaneous visits like these.

In yoga we practice making space to hear ourselves. We relate the pausing and flowing of our practice to our everyday lives in the hope that this controlled purposeful pause and seamless flow in the yoga room will correlate to grounding and balance in our experiences outside of our control.

To me, these lessons can also be learnt by laughing with these woman. They don't even realize how many lessons they teach me. How many times they make me pause, and smile, and fill me with love. They ground me. They balance me. They frustrate me. They love me.

Today I cooked dinner with my Grama. The kitchen is her home. Its how she was taught to give love. Cooking is a passion we share. Its where i feel closest to her. She showed me all of her new fancy cooking gadgets and she sang 50s musical tunes to me. And then she stopped and said "Brianna, when you get married I'll get you one of these and pointed to a knife she was using. Can't live without it, it's essential!"

To her, love is shown in the kitchen. Sprinkled in the food you make. Smelt in the aroma of garlic and onion sautéing on the stove. It's moments like these I laugh and say "ok Grama". I look at the bigger picture and smile. Because my to do list looks so long, and sometimes life is just too short.

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