Teaching is part of my identity. I’ll forever be a student, but teaching, is a place I feel at home.

I once went to a medium who told me my soul has been searching lifetimes to figure out what that word really means. “Home”.

Weather you believe in that kind of stuff or not I think that’s beautiful. What DOES that word really mean? To some it’s a place. To others it’s a tribe. To me, home is the feeling i get when I teach yoga.

I’ve never been a very confident girl. That’s not me playing the violin, that’s simply just a fact. But walking into a sacred space, weather that be a yoga studio, or a living room and I put my mat down at the front of that space.. that’s my happy place. When I get into a comfortable seat and stare at my class, and instantly feel the peace in the room, I am always so humbled by the trust and vulnerability in front of me that the word confidence takes a whole new meaning. It’s not an ego based confidence, it’s so much more. It’s the kind of confidence where you feel your whole body vibrating with tranquility, like my soul is telling me i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be.

I’ve recently made quite a big life transition. Through disappointment and hurt I tried to find healing and growth. I was mistreated and with that comes a sense of injustice to which the word screams “sometimes life’s just not fair Brianna”.

Closure. Another funny word.

Patience. Something I’m working on.

Reflection. A daily discipline.

Evolution. Something that requires the above.

It’s hard when we don’t know what we want. But it’s also hard when we know exactly what we want…for right now.

And so for right now I’ll focus on my practice. I’ll focus on my students. I’ll focus on my teachers. Because I might not know the “how" or the “when" but I sure know the “why" and the “what”. So i’ll find closure to heal. I’ll find patience to learn. I’ll reflect with wisdom, and I’ll keep evolving more beautifully than ever before.

And that’s exactly what I wish for you.

Namaste friends.

#yoga #teacher #student #evolve #paitence

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